Hartz Flea Shampoo

I’ve always bathed my cat in baby shampoo (non-animal tested) twice a year. I had brought my two cats, Sabre and Zoe’ to a neighbors house while I was away. Ordinarily I leave them home with extra food, litter and water, but this time was the only time I had left them with a friend. Unbeknownst to me, my friend’s house was flea-invested and when I picked up my poor kitties, they were covered in fleas. I picked up a bottle of Hartz at my local supermarket for a one-time use to rid them of the fleas.

About an hour after I had blow-dryed my kitty, Sabre, he jumped in my lap, buried his head and began to moan. I called our vet and she said Hartz is terrible and can be poisonous to animals and I should bathe him again right away in dish detergent, or the baby shampoo I normally use. I did so, but he still moaned in my lap. I felt awful. I had no idea Hartz or any company would be allowed to put such a product on the shelves. I normally avoid all cleaning chemicals, etc to protect my animals and I was extremely distraught that something like this could get past me.

I rushed my cat to the emergency vet who said I was very fortunate. Most cats, he said, will run and hide and by the time you discover them it’s too late. My cat has always been a “mama’s boy” and so he came to his mama and told me he was not well. The vet gave him some antibiotics and after a rough night, my cat was fine. What upset me even more is the vet said he sees at least one pet per week poisoned from Hartz flea shampoo or drops, yet he has never been able to do anything about it. He also said most pets he sees do not survive b/c the owners had no idea and waited too long to bring them in.

I wrote to Hartz and sent them a copy of my vet bill with the diagnosis on it. Hartz replied and, in short, blew me off.

I wrote to my news station who said they could not launch an investigation on the matter.

I then stood in the pet isle of my supermarket and told everyone who even looked at the product my story. I still do whenever I shop and I hope everyone else will do the same and we can hopefully put Hartz out of business.

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  1. Jesus christ, I had no idea. I bought it in store and didn’t do research before putting it on my animal; now I have a terrible headache. I’m scared for my own life. my dog seems ok, but god I feel sick now.

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