Thank goodness we were lucky…

I heard about how Hartz has lawsuits against them because of poor kitties dying, and I instantly felt both horror, and /guilt/, because either or both of my furbabies could’ve become statistics… I’ve used the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops on my boys, and fortunately my story doesn’t have a sad ending.

But it scares me to think how close it could’ve come to that.. I only used it for one month on both, and then a second application on one of my boys while I was waiting for the Program(tm) I’d bought online to arrive in the mail..

I said I’d never buy it again, because not only did it smell horrible and make me uncomfortable to touch my boys, ’cause they had chemicals on their heads, but the damn stuff didn’t even WORK!

It’s horrifying that big conglomo-corperations like this can get away with selling a product to an intentionally uninformed public, risking the lives of our surrogate children, and it’s ok w/ the government because “It’s only a few cats” or whatever who’s in charge of regulating things like this uses as a cop-out..

I truly hope that this campaign is successful, and that Hartz is made to pay for the things they have done to families. I will definately spread the word to all the animal lovers I know to not risk their furbabies’ lives with this cheap crap!

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