2 cats lives saved by this site

Well, I had put some of Fartz? drops on both of my kitties. One, who was barely old enough for her brand of the drops, immiediately freaked and scratched at the spot. I thought nothing of it since it’s her first encounter with flea medicine. Little did I know this was merely a concentrated insecticide.

The other got lethargic and started to have muscle contractions. I remembered the box saying that this was a sign of a bad reaction. I checked on the net and then promptly gave both kitties baths. Both are back to their old selves 24 hours later.

I will _never_ use anything on my cats without checking it out from now on. Like many who have lost cats to Fartz?, I thought that the EPA and FDA were on our side. Apparently Fartz? has more pull than we ever will. If Fartz? didn’t have pull, their product would be off of the shelves.

I’ve written my congressman and house representative and asked that they do something about this poison being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

What I don’t understand is why Hartz is fighting the recall of this product. I’ll ___never___ buy another hartz product again. Not even their friggin water bottles.

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