scary incident with hartz flea drops

I was reading an article at
and that was how I found out how dangerous hartz flea products can be to our pets.

My cat, Loki, was unusually fussy and squirmy, and kept scratching at the area to which we applied the
drops hours and hours after application. He kept prowling around the house crying and not leaving our sides, and while he is a very loving, affectionate cat, even for him it was strange. The next morning there was definitely something wrong. He was not the animated, playful, perky cat he usually is. My mother knew something was wrong so she hit the net and found a news report at our local NBC branch about pet owners having problems with these products. She then went to the link to the EPA supplied by the news report and found out how thousands and thousands of people have had the same problems, not just “rare occurances” like Hartz claims. Thanks to the information they released, they saved our cat’s life. We promptly washed all of the drop medication off of Loki with plenty of mild soap and mild water and he is now back to his usual self.

After feeling very saddened, concerned, and scared, I continued my mom’s online search and found this site. I am thankful that someone has taken the time to create this place.

If you love your pet and you love animals, please take action. We were lucky, but others have unfortunately not been so lucky.

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