within 24 hours,my 90 lb dog

The Day before yesterday I too was crunched for money so close to fridays payday, looking through pet smart for a safe flea product that I could afford I came across Hartz flea spray, I came home and sprayed my dog Elfy, she hated to be sprayed and ran under the dog house. Not thinking anything of it being her normal character to do this type of thing, I went about my chores. The next morning we could not find her, by the time we found her and took her to the emergency clinic last night she died before we pulled into the clinic (less than 24 hours after being prayed) The vet asked what I had used for fleas, when I told him hartz flea spray, he told me that one in 15 dogs had a deadly reaction to this product and that he didn’t even know how it could be released to be sold on the market. At this point I feel every hartz executive should be dragged out of his office and sprayed with their product and see how long it takes them to get to their Dr. They have a humorous little side note on the bottle that says “Unconditional money back guarantee” fleas will die within 5 to 10 minutes after being sprayed. It should read fleas dead in 10 minutes, pets dead in 10 hours. Please don’t use this product on your animals! My dog was a healthy 90 lb retrever/aussie mix, 7 years old never sick a day in her life. My vet asked me how many dogs I used this product on and I told him all 9 dogs, his reply was go home wash this product off your other 8 dogs and we’ll be open all night if you need us. This morning we have one dog who also has mild toxicity, but are told he will be o.k.

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