Massachusetts Attorney Outraged

As, many of the other horrid tales here, my buddy Nico was one of the luck

Nico is an almost 12 year old Portuguese Podengo, a rare breed, even though he
is this age, he is extremely alert.

My tale of woe began, with the horror of discovering he had fleas for the first
time in his 11 year life. Not having the time to make an appointment at the Vet,
I saw the offending Hartz product at the local supermarket.

After applying the poison late one night, Nico laid down next to me, and
actually woke me up due to the fact he was shivering as though it was 50 below

I was concerned, but decided to see how he did the next day, I finally called
the vet for an appointment, and mentioned that I used this horrific product, and
she reccomended that I bring the dog in IMMEADIATLEY…

After, being treated, and scubbing that poison off my dog, he is much better
today, however he is still not 100%.

As an attorney I am completely mystified how this product can be allowed to be
on the shelf..there are many Tort law theories which could be used to make Hartz,
and the places that carry this poison understand that this will not be

I cannot give legal advice to anyone outside Massachusetts, however something
needs to be done about this situation. If you are a Massachusetts resident my
email is [email protected]

This would appear to be a perfect candidate for a class action suit.

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