I guess third one’s a charm.

A couple of months ago I couldnt get into the Banfields Vet to get my cats their usuall flea drops, so I picked up some of the Hartz Flea and Tick drops thinking Hartz has been around a long time and I have used some of their products before, ok. I put the drops on all three of my cats, Jay 9 yrs old, Rocky 9 years old and Socks 3 years old. Within no time they were acting really weird, I first thought maybe it was the smell and the fleas weren’t happy but it just got worse, they started freaking out, their eyes were dilated, the younger female cat Socks just sat and quivered like she had electric hooked to her, if you tried to touch her she started shaking harder and it looked like you were turning up the electric. The older boys Jay and Rocky were flipping out and running wild ( these were the most loving calm cats I’ve have ever had) they were biting and scratching themselves. Having 3 and being out of work at the time I couldnt afford to take them to the vet (this guilt is so over whelming I am just now able to talk about it) I took wash cloths and tried to wipe the drops off but they were convulsing and scratching it was impossible ( I wanted to bath them but could not because of their behavior). After a few days Socks quit shaking so much but her eyes were still dilated and she would not come close. The boys wanted out so I thought maybe if they just ran they would feel better. They seemed to get alittle better and started wanting back in the house but Jay would start scratching and go into convulsions and would loose control of his bladder and urine would fly everywhere as he convulsed. He was having so many seizures he couldnt sleep he just sat in the window until another seizure would make him fall to the floor. We took him to the vet and had him put to sleep. In the mean time Rocky was hanging out outside alot but coming home covered in mud and leaves (Rocky was our most meticulous bather, his white was really white) I finally kept him in because he was getting so gaunt and wasn’t eating, his seizures were pretty often too. I couldnt take it any longer the suffering was getting unbearable, he would scratch himself until he bled, I couldnt hold his paws, they were so strong and he had no control. We put him to sleep too. My little girl cat is doing better but I was so afraid I would lose her too. She was our third cat in this group and I guess the saying “Third ones a charm” has true meaning for her. I have had Cats, Dogs, Birds,Hamsters, Gerbils, Snakes, Lizards, horses,rabbits, and have never been so shaken in my entire life. The guilt I have over using those drops instead of the ones I get from the Vet and the inability to afford a Vet for all three of my cats sent me into a bad depression, I am just now able to speak of this horrendous event in our lives. Our entire household has been upset by this, my 19 year old son cried at the site of our precious pets in misery. We kept hoping they would get better but they didnt, I thought when it wore off they would be ok but they werent. I thought Hartz was a company that cared about the animals they make products for, but they aren’t. I thought the guilt and pain would go away but it hasn’t. I can’t believe all the stories I have read, I can’t believe the response from Hartz, I can’t believe my boys are gone.

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