Victim in Tennessee

I have an 11 month old kitten, Noodles who I gave Hartz Advanced care flea and tick drops. This poor little cat. The guilt that I feel due to applying this poison. I put the drops on her Thursday evening and Friday morning she could barely walk. She was lifting her front legs up really high as if to walk up a step, when no step was there. Her head was shaking when she tried to take a drink. Her entire little body just trembled. I grabbed her and took her to the vet. They knew exactly what the problem was. The fact that it is so easy to diagnose makes me mad. That means that so many cats are being affected that it is almost common place. She had to spend the night at the vets office. Luckily, she is responding to treatment. We were able to bring her home this morning. I just do not understand how a company as well known as Hartz, who we trust(not anymore) for our pets, can sell this poison? Can they be forced to pull this product from the shelves? If enough people complain can anything be done? I am contacting the EPA, ASPCA, PETA, local news, and of course the evil Hartz. In fact I have an even longer list. I am also contacting every vet office in Middle Tennessee to get a list of how many cats have been treated for this condition. I just hope that anyone considering using this poison checks out some web pages. That is the problem, no real way to pass the word along. At least not in a format readily available to every consumer. I am so mad and feel so guilty. Hartz must be stopped!!

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