She almost died

Willow is a 2-year-old blue point Siamese. I recently moved from Colorado, where we don’t have flea problems, to the Tampa Florida area. I took my other cat Andy to the Vet and he was treated with Revolution but it cost close to $50 for 3 or 4 treatments so I decided to try and find it cheaper somewhere else. I ended up at Pet’s Mart and asked the Vet doing business there if they sold Revolution but was told no. I left the counter and went to buy shampoo for my cats. When I was picking the shampoo out I saw the Flea & Tick Advance Care treatment for cats. It had the blue caps for cats 10 lbs. and under. Its cost was so much less and I just thought it would be the same thing that Revolution was. I purchased the product, read the directions and used it as directed on Willow about 11:30 on Friday morning. I left the house for an hour and half and when I returned Willow was shaking her head and twitching her ears. I just thought the treatment smelled bad to her. Two hours later I was eating dinner and saw Willow run across the room shaking her head. She was starting to freak out. My other cat, Andy was acting really concerned. I realized Willow was in trouble. I put her in the shower to raise the treatment off. I lathered her up and held her under the water for 5 or 6 minutes. I toweled her off and left her in the bathroom. I was only gone a minute or two when I heard a noise in the bathroom. It was Willow running around in circles and shaking her head and her back legs were kicking rapidly. I called the Vet and she said bring her in. When I got her to the Vet her gums were blue and she was still twitching. The Vet bathed her again, put her on oxygen and gave her a shot but she wasn’t out of the woods yet. I had to transport her to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital so she could be watched all night and receive follow up treatment. The next night at 9:40 she was released from the hospital. She was glad to see me but still was twitching her ears some but nothing like she had been doing. The Vet said it might take several days before she would get the poison out of her system and stop the twitching. Its Sunday afternoon and Willow still doesn’t look like she is feeling right. She is still twitching. I spoke with the Manager at Pets Mart. He said they would pay for her Vet bill but said he wouldn’t take the produce that made her sick off the shelf. He said that the EPA said it was a safe product and until the EPA said different, they were going to leave it on. After the Manager left another employee of Pets Mart got me to the side and told me they were seeing lots of pets coming back in that were sick from the Hartz products. She said a dog had died from using BioSpot, which is also a Hartz product. She said she had been emailing Pets Mart Corporate Office trying to get them to take the products off the shelf but that they wouldn?t do it. She told me I was lucky Willow didn’t die. I decided to do something about it and wrote emails to all the television stations and major newspapers in the Tampa area and beyond about what had happen and asked them to do their own investigation and to please do a story to warn the public about the problems with the Hartz Products. That was on Saturday when Willow was still in the hospital. On Sunday I received a call from the local ABC Television Station. They told me about this web site as a result of their research. They asked me to go on camera and discuss what happen to Willow. They also want to talk to the Vets on camera that was involved with Willows case. So maybe we can get the word out to the public about this product. The newscaster who called me said she called Pets Mart Corporate office and the woman she spoke with said Pets Mart didn’t know anything about this problem but that?s not what I am hearing. I was shocked to find out the Emergency Vet Hospital had received 15 cases of this poisoning in the last week and that the County Poison Control Center was receiving lots of calls about the Hartz Flea Produce. I don’t know if I can make a difference but we will see. I filed consumer complaints against Pets Mart with the counties in and around Tampa and sent an email to the State Attorneys Office too. I also plan to write an email and start sending out to all my friends who I hope will forward it to all of their friend who will forward it to their friends and get the word out that way as well. You would think Hartz would pull the product off the market without us doing all of this but I have a feeling its all about money for Hartz and the stores that are carrying their dangerous produces.

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