He’s only 3 and he’s dying, I didn’t even put the drops on him.

Hello my name is Christine I’m from Hamburg New Jersey. I own 8 cats and two dogs. One of the cats Jon, unlike the other cats, really liked the dogs. He would play and sleep with this one dog at night and they are just best friends. I had no idea about what this flea product does. I had it only on the dogs and he kisses them and that was enough I guess. He’s still in the hospital, the night I took him he was trembling and crying. I don’t know if he’s going ot make it. If anyone can help , please all advice is more than welcome. I just don’t know where to begin to hold these killers at hartz responsible.

my e mail is [email protected] and my aim is misssarahamaya please don’t hesitate to comtact me if you need a friendly ear, or want to hear my sob about how worried I am about my cat Jon.

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