not another hartz story

Yes!It is another hartz story.When is it going to end.My poor cat Tiffany did get sick from this and I wish I knew about this stuff before hand.She lost her hair and her skin was so irritated from this stuff.I called my vet and he told me to bring her right in.Her eyes where dialated and she was shaking.I thought I was doing her good and I made her sick.Well hartz made her sick.I was sick with guilt.She would not eat and she cryed and rubbed herself on the walls because she was so irritated.I feed the poor thing by hand.Now she is back to her old self thank god.Hartz heard from me a few times and did not hear the last of me.I cant get over how they explain themselves on the phone.They get so many calls from this stuff it sounds like they have a written script in front of them.Does anyone know if there is another class action suit against them?This has to stop.Its just not fair!!!!!!!!

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