i almost killed my cat

I have a 3 year old cat named Lily.I had used Hartz flea liquid before with no problems.At the beginning of April I used The Harts green tube flea stuff for cats 10lbs and over. My cat weighs 11.5lbs. The next morning she was shaking uncontrollably. Twitching non stop.I was so scared.I called the vet and got her in right away. They told me her nervous system had been badly effected and that was why she was shaking and twitching so badly. They gave her 2 shots and bathed her really well.They didn’t kno how she was going to do. They said there was nothing else they could do for her.I was crying.

I felt that it was all my fault. My vet told me they see this kind of thing all the time. They gave me this web site to write to. I never would of thought that this could happen.Lily has been doing much better. They said she might have liver and kidney damage.I keep a good eye on her.I will never buy another Hartz product again. They should not be allowed to sell something that is so dangerous.
Wendy Korpi

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