What can we do?!?

Part 1: I put some of those Hartz brand flea drops on my cat Oscar the other day. He was fine UNTIL yesterday morning. He woke me up crying VERY loudly. I went to see what was the matter and he was very agitated. I looked at the place where i had put the medicine, and his fur had fallen out and his skin was pink. I immediately gave him a bath. He still seemed to be upset so i rushed him to the vet. They said he definately had an allergic reaction to the medicine and they see it a lot with that particular brand. So now $60 and a patch of my cat’s hair later… the poor thing is on pain killers for the next week. This stuff seems to be the equivelant of pouring battery acid on your cat!!!

Part 2: Oscar is feeling better. He was holed up in my closet all day yesterday (i even had to move his food and litter box in there) but today he seems to be relatively back to normal. He’s actually being more affectionate than usual. Maybe this near death experience made him enjoy “his humans” a little more! He’s on Prednasone (a steroid) for the next week which is supposed to help his discomfort and i put Soft Paws on him which keeps him from itching his sore spot. From the sounds of things, this whole mess could’ve been MUCH worse. On the package of the medicine, it even says the animal could develope SEVERE tremors as a side effect. Good Lord! And some people’s animals have even died from this…
Is there anything we can do? Anywhere we can write to, to get this evil stuff taken off the market so it can’t harm anyone else’s pets???

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