My Jack Russel started having seizures after I used Hartz spot-on treatment

My jack russel Sam has always had a fea problem. I tried frontline and advantage and didn’t see a difference in her. So I was in wal-mart looking through the selectiong of dog shampoo’s and flea repellants. I found harts spot-on treatment for dogs. I applied this to my dog, in November, it didn’t work. I started noticing her being more tired and less active. I thought at first she was sick a cold or something. Then one day I came home from work and she wouldn’t climb the stairs into the house. She just looked at me. So I picked her up and brought her in the house and her backs legs started seizing. Then it got worse a partial seizure, her eyes rollled and her body twitched. She is still alive! She has seizures every month though. I think that she had been and still does sometimes have seizures when I am not home. She sometimes is really tired and grumpy and over eates, which are all signs of a seizure. My little sammy has to be locked in a small safe room now everytime I leave the house so that she doesn’t hurt her self. That isn’t the life for a jack russel!

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