My cat is dead

I was hoping to find a website of some other people that could relate to my sadness and disgust with from the death of my 12 year old cat just two days ago, April 16th. The cat was perfectly fine, in great shape and doing well. It had fleas and normally we would take the cat in to be groomed. The groomer could not take the cat until the following Monday so in the meantime I asked my husband to pick up a flea and tick shampoo to tide us over until Monday. We bought Hartz Flea and Tick rinseless shampoo and followed the directions exactly. The cat was sleeping after her bath and we assumed that she was just happy because she was clean and the fleas were dying, what we did not know is that she went to sleep and never woke up. This cat was part of our family and now she is gone because of this poison that we gave to her. When I told the vet that there was pyretrhin in the product he said “theres your problem” I assumed everyone used this product and that that was why it is on the shelves of every supermarket and drug store. Well it should be pulled. They are hearing from me whether they care or not. Thanks for listening, Tina

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