Expired food at Petco

From: “Jan Miller” Subject: DANGERS AT PETCO :o( I have 2 Shih-tzus named Fifi and Bubby who my family and I love very much. This weekend was the most horrible weekend I have ever spent with my 2 pups. On Thursday night, my 2 babies started getting sick. Fifi started to bleed from her rectum. We took her to the vet and the vet thought it might be some sort of bacteria. She gave us meds and sent us on our way.

By Friday evening, Bubby was bleeding from his rectum as well. Both dogs had diarrhea and were bleeding very badly. They wouldn’t move or walk or lift their head. They stopped eating and drinking. We took the dogs back to the vet to get them checked out further. They were hydrated and given even more medication. My vet was great! We were so worried and concerned and tired from lack of sleep that we could barely even think straight. We thought our pups were going to die!

The vet thought that they might have eaten something bad, but we NEVER change their dog food and make certain there is nothing around they could get. She suggested we go home and check the expiration date of the dog food. Something we never thought to ever check!!!! We buy Eukanuba lamb & rice formula from Petco. We go there because we use our pals card to get free dog food. We took our very sick pups home and checked the bag.

THE BAG HAD EXPIRED 1/25/2000!!!!!!! 4 YEARS OLD!!!! I was hurt and in shock! I called my vet who was certain this was the culprit of our problems! I went back to Petco to do a little investigative work. There were all types of food and treats expired!!!! I couldn’t believe that such a huge company would endanger the lives of peoples helpless pets!!!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, CHECK YOUR DOGS FOOD FOR AN EXPIRATION DATE! Not only dogs but cats as well!!! I found canned cat food outdated by 2 years! The expiration date will be on the bag either at the top, bottom, side or on the bar code. Canned food expiration dates can be found on the underside the can. If you have food, check it now!!!! If you cannot read a date or are unsure about it call the 1-800 number for questions or comments!!!! They can confirm the exp. date.

I will never shop at Petco again! ESPECIALLY the Petco in Pearland, Texas. I have a called placed to the District Manager, Monday I will call the main office. Our $300+ bill far exceeds the money we saved on “free bags” from Petco. My vet is willing to make a statement as well, citing my dogs problems stemmed from the food. Fifi and Bubby are recovering but not the same. The doctor has mentioned that the food may have threatened their kidneys and would like to do extensive blood work on them. Please send this to any one and everyone you know!!!!!!!

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