I used hartz flea tick and misquito one drop

We purchased hartz flea tick and misquito drops. I thought since it said could be used on kittens under 10 pounds maybe one drop would be ok since i was tired of paying 48 dollars for frontline. Almost instantly my cat sylvester started twitching and staring as if he had a neurological problem and tremors. That scared me to death so i called the vet and he said bring him in. We could not bring him in until the next day so the vet said keep giving him baths total of four with dawn dishwashing liquid to get it out of his pores. We did and took him in the next morning. After examing him he said he had been posioned and needed a liver panel and to subq him for dehydration . We couldnt afford the cost so we had to take him home like that with more baths until we could get the money or hartz reimburesed us. I didnt know they were in a lawsuit like this and i am so mad and want compensation so i can get him checked.

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