I gave my cat Bentley, a healthy 2 year old, Hartz Mountain Special Formula Flea drop medicine appropriately purchased for his weight and size. Monday evening I put the drop on his back neck as directed. Within a couple of hours he was shaking his hind legs and seemed a little disoriented. We went to sleep and he did not come up to sleep with us which was very unusual. When I came down on Tuesday morning he was about the same so I went to work and my husband had a dental appointment so he did not go to work. THANK GOD. I called my husband around 10:00 AM and he said that Bentley seemed to be having tremors, was very disoriented and was urinating drops as he was “trying” to walk and did not have any strength in his hind legs . He rushed him to our animal hospital, The Cherry Hill Animal Hospital in New Jersey, and Dr. Chase saw him and said it was definitely the flea medicine. They kept him and gave him iv fluids and anti-tremor medicine. Bentley was a very sick cat. Dr. Chase said that he believes that he will be fine BUT only because we got him there in time.

I went onto the internet and found out that Hartz Mountain has many lawsuits against them for this reason. They also admitted to mispackaging dog flea medicine for cat flea medicine which also hurt and killed many cats.

Why is hartz still allowed to market this medicine. Why is this product still on the market.

Please make sure that if you do have this product on your shelves it is removed for your own stores safety from legal issues.

I called Hartz and they are reimbursing me for all the anumal hospital expenses. I intend to proceed further on this matter.

Mooshek was poisened by Hartz Flea product.

Mooshek, my 6 year old European shorthair kitty, was poisoned by a Hartz flea product the summer of 2001. I had been laid off from my job and was crunching pennies when I saw the product on the supermarket shelf. It looked like the prescription products and I foolishly thought it must be safe and perhaps just a less potent version of the prescription one.

I applied it to Mooshek – within an hour he was screaming – literally. I rushed him to the vet’s and, before I could explain, the receptionist said, “Did you use Hartz over-the-counter flea medication?” I was shocked when told that the largest portion of their emergency visits were because of these products. A hefty vet bill – along with follow-ups and continued liver tests have resulted from that day.

The next 3 days were horrendous – with me spending hours holding Mooshek wrapped in a blanket. He had gone blind temporarily and was terrified so I just held and rocked and talked to him. Since then he has evidenced liver damage which we try to control. He’s never been the same physically since.

Hartz was ridiculous to deal with – telling me that there had been no deaths from the meds. I found out about 4 deaths among two vets within a day of talking to other pet owners. Where does Hartz get their info?

And, if the medicine is so “safe”, why do they have a designated toll free line for complaints?

I refuse to buy any Hartz products now – and never will again. Animal safety is not primary.

How do we get this off Wal-Mart and other store shelves? I’ve actually stopped people from buying the stuff when I’ve seen them reaching for it – telling them Mooshek’s horror story. Let’s get the word out!!!