Dear Bonnie, I’m so sorry

What can I say. I poisoned my cat to death. What a crime. I’m definitely one of the people out there that gets attached to their pets.

My cat, Bonnie, was just under 2 years old. I had been using Advantage, which my vet prescribed for fleas for about a year. However, I ran out, and since I had difficulty getting to my vet’s office during business hours (I’m not blaming them) I thought I’d use Hartz Flea & Tick Plus for Cats instead, thinking that I was doing a good thing for Bonnie.

I applied the medicine and the very next morning I had to take her to my vet’s office. One week later she was dead (she was in really bad shape so I had to euthanize her). It’s the worst experience I’ve ever gone through. The Hartz product completely destroyed almost every organ she had. She had skin ulcers which she bled freely from.

I’ve since taken this matter up with Hartz (my vet bill for a week of intensive care was $2300) and after numerous letters, copies of her medical records, interviews by the ASPCA and a lot of other bullshit, Hartz tells me that since I didn’t perform a autopsy on Bonnie, there is no definitive way of determining her cause of death. Are they kidding? I’m sure they’ve hidden behind this excuse numerous times before.

I asked for Hartz to cover my medical bills and also to donate $25,000 to the local Humane Society. They definitely killed my cat, so maybe with the 25K they would allow others to live. At this point in time, It’s looking like I’ll get absolutely nothing out of them and unfortunately, they will continue to sell this poisonous product on the market.

If there is someone out there that is filing a lawsuit against Hartz to stop the sale of this product, please contact me because I would definitely like to participate. I’m at [email protected]

I’m sorry Bonnie. I hope that you are having a great time and are receiving a lot of affection up there.

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