Dog death in 1987

I just wanted to share a story with the readers here because I was shocked to see that this “Hartz” thing is still happening. Many here may not realize it, but this has been going on for many years. I just can’t believe that nothing has been done about it. Here’s my story:

Back in early August, 1987, our family dog, Pepper, started suffering some very strange symptoms. Everything had been fine until one day, she became very lethargic, lost her appetite, became weak – almost paralyzed, began convulsing, and was salivating and vomiting profusely. We attempted to feed her by hand and she obliged, but the thick mucous/saliva that was constantly flowing from her mouth prevented any of the food from getting down. We took her to the vet, who seemed to be completely dumbfounded by her condition. He concluded that she must have ingested some kind of poison, but was too perplexed by these unprecedented symptoms to offer any sound diagnosis or subsequent treatment. He ran tests and fed her intravenously while we searched the house, inside and out, for any poisons that she may have possibly ingested. We found nothing. Meanwhile, Pepper’s condition worsened. Less than a week had gone by and now she could not even lift her head. The vet concluded that whatever this poison was, it had probably reached her nervous system, in which case her condition would not likely reverse. It was time to make that unnerving decision. We decided to put an end to her suffering and had her put to sleep.

Only days after her passing, we stumbled onto an article in the newspaper about numerous pet deaths due to Hartz Blockade, a flea dip for dogs and cats. The article had testimonials from the pet owners that listed these same bizarre symptoms that Pepper had suffered. Although we could not recall having recently “dipped” Pepper, we did recall having put a brand new Hartz flea collar on her the week she started showing those awful symptoms. My entire family had been through a rough time and I think we all wanted to just move on from it, so we didn’t talk much more about the possible Hartz connection, but I think we all concluded that there most definitely was a connection. Is there solid evidence? No way. But the fact that Pepper had these “strange symptoms” that had vets scratching their heads and at the same time matched the symptoms in the newspaper article perfectly, combined with the fact that there was a new “Hartz” flea product introduced to her the week of her death has me convinced. The only thing that would convince me otherwise would be if I learned that those symptoms were not “strange” and that some other household item could have caused them.

My purpose in writing this is to share my story in hopes that it may prevent this from happening to others. However, if anybody has any thoughts, stories, or evidence that either supports or contradicts my theory that not only flea dips and drops, but flea collars as well can cause these symptoms; or that something else could have caused these symptoms, please write me at [email protected]

Thank you.


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