Starting a letter campaign to retail outlets

I have sent a letter to [email protected] as below. This echoes a story was posted (either here or elsewhere) about one Aggie, who we fortunately managed to keep alive. See the letter below that I sent to [email protected] for details.

As an incidental, while this makes an excellent sounding board for the problem, retailers will not do anything until they hear from their customer base. As such, people really should be contacting their friendly neighborhood place that sells Hartz.

A few years ago, I purchased the Hartz Advanced Care flea treatment from your Aliso Viejo, CA store, in hopes it would kill fleas.

Well, it did kill the fleas, but it nearly killed one of my cats. Aggie, specifically – a then two year old pedigree bengal.

Before I go on, don’t fret – Aggie is now with another family who cares deeply for her. In fact, we were incredibly lucky – we bathed her, and managed to nurse her back to health with some Iams kitten moist blend.

But I mention this to you because there is something very significant happening. After checking around on the internet – specifically, in cat owner groups, usenet, and more recently, Hartz Victims – I’m noticing that there is increasing awareness about Hartz being harmful and/or fatal to animals. In fact, every veterinarian I have spoken to here in Orange County (granted, two dozen) wholeheartedly recommended that one must NEVER use Hartz products, and that doing so was akin to giving your animal rat poison. Breeders and kennels recommend not using it. And remember the internet thing? Look for “+hartz” (no quotes) on Google Groups and you’ll notice that, invariably, there is sentiment agianst Hartz.

Yet despite all this, your stores and your website happily promote and sell Hartz brand pet products.

With all the evidence pointing to the fact that they are downright dangerous to animals, I must ask: why do you insist on selling things that harm or kill animals?


-Dennis Allen Carr
Garden Grove, CA

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