Suzie’s close call

I had suspected that a neighbor’s cat had brought fleas into my apartment building. This happened once years ago and I had used Advantage on all the cats I had at the time. It worked great. This time though(Feb 27th), I couldn’t get to the vet(she only comes to my little town once a week) and bought Hartz Control One Stop drops at a store near me.
A few hours later, Suzie came into the living room and was scratching madly at her neck. She scratched after every two steps. She seemed a little unsteady on her legs but I couldn’t tell if it was because she kept stopping to scratch or not. Fur was falling out with each scratch. There was also a slight tremor in her head. I took three minutes to check the internet and freaked out with all the stories on Hartz. After reading two, I spent the next hour scrubbing at Suzie’s neck area with cat shampoo. I didn’t put her in the tub, guessing that if I’d put her in the tub it would have washed the drops onto the rest of her body. I had no way to get to the vet and was in tears, hoping she would be ok. How does one forgive themself for poisoning their friend? After all the scrubbing, she stopped scratching and shaking. She rarely left my sight for the next two days. Her appetite stayed normal and her litterbox habits also remained normal so I’m hoping she’s going to be alright.
I’m furious that this product is still on the market! I will never buy anything from Hartz again!!!

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