Joliet’s Ending

My name is Brandon and I submittted the story of my cat, Joliet, last October. Joliet was poisoned by Hartz 4 in 1 Flea and Tick Control for cats. She did survive, thankfully, after 5 days of treatment at my wonderful vet’s office. This afternoon I finally received reimbursement from Hartz for my vet bill. I am thankful that they reimbursed me because I could really not afford the vet bill, but at the same time, I am saddened. Hartz made it a stipulation that if the check was endorsed and cashed, that I could not seek any other judgement against them – not that I could find an attorney to go against them anyway. I spoke with many attorneys’ about my case, but since my Joliet was not my child, and just an insignificant animal, the courts would not help me. Hartz is no friend to animals – they are just a money making Corporation unconcerned of the welfare of animals. May they all burn in hell.

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