Near miss

I just now tried to wash my 2 cats in dishwashing liquid, but can’t get them to stand still. Thanks for your informative website. Yesterday, I adopted a cute shelter cat (supposedly “flea-free”), and took him to the vet today, as I noticed him violently digging his teeth into his skin. I was right — fleas. My other 2 indoor cats have never had that problem, and the new cat had played with them all day. The vet placed Advantage drops on the scruff of the new shelter cat’s neck, and told me to isolate him in the bathroom or cellar for at least 24 hours.

Well, little Shelter Cat got out of his room overnight, and he was sleeping on my bed in the morning. So, I went to the supermarket, looking for a way to protect my other cats from becoming flea hosts. I bought Hartz drops that I trusted (familiar brand name), and the directions were identical to the Advantage, so I assumed the products were similar. I then applied a vial to each of my 2 longterm resident cats so that they would be protected from the fleas that I assumed were already nestling into the carpet and bedding. Twenty minutes later, I found this website. I drew a shallow bath for the cats, but they have never sat(and obviously will never sit) in water. So, I soaked a dishcloth and wiped their fur and skin over and over. They hate it, and we are on a time-out now as I write this, but I am furious that Hartz would have this product on the market.

I am hopeful I got to my cats in time (20 minutes), but I think my wash job is quite inferior, since the cats will not let me soak them.
I will clean them again soon, until that floral stench is gone. Just wanted you to know that your website may have saved my cats’ lives. Thank you. Veterinarians should band together and get that product off the market! It sounds like they know the truth. Maybe I should approach the supermarket about taking it off the shelves.

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