I want to warn everyone about Zodiac. I had heard about the Hartz problems but, non with Zodiac. I did not want to use it but, dh thought it would be ok and after a whopper of a fight he used it on our 7 month old himmie Hailey. Right away he started to drool and his eye’s glazed over. I could not believe it! I ran him into the kitchen and my son and I started to wash it off with dish soap and lots of water. We did it 4 times. He seemed ok. A few hours later he vomited a few times. He had ate a big dinner with some treats so, I am not sure if it was the chemical posion or he over ate. He ate after the treatment. I just finished washing him for the 5 th time and will cont for the next week twice a day if he lives. I am so worried that something will show up tonight or tommorow. I will not sleep all night just so I can watch him. I did call zodiac and talked to a vet. They tried to tell me he must have got some in his mouth. He did not have time to get any in his mouth. Do they think I am stupid?
They told me he will be fine! He might be and I hope so but, they all lie. Hartz, zodiac and all the over the counter flea products. Lets keep track of the zodiac reactions also because I am sure they are out there.

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