Blackie’s Story

My Kitty (who is no longer with us- due to an entirely different age related illness) was scratching and had fleas which he picked up when we had pavers installed (The sand between the stones harbors the little buggers).
Anyway, I went out and bought flea drops and applied them as directed. Alomst immediately I noticed the area where they had been applied was losing fur and he had a raw looking strip down the back of his neck in the exact place where I had put the drops. I immediately bathed the very unhappy cat with warm water and baby shampoo several times and called the vet. As it turned out I had acted in time but had he not lost hair very obviously I might have missed his last two years before he finally left us at the ripe age of sixteen. The vet told me about the drops and said that for older cats they are especially dangerous. I was lucky and I hope no other cats will have to suffer due to ignorance and greed. These are far too dangerous to keep on the market

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