Struggling cat making progress after poisoning by Hartz

i wrote a story the other day about my somara a black exotic shorthair that had been very ill after using hartz on her for fleas. i am glad to say that she seems to be making some progress. as soon as i found out what was the problem with her i immediatly washed her in warm water with dawn dish soap. 3 times! that is the important part you must wash them 3 times very well to get it off. and dawn is the best from what i was told by my vet. i then confined her to a soft bed in a cat sized animal carrier and put a heating pad under it on medium. i keep her in there unless i take her out to use the potty. i also take her out to stretch her lags and see how her walking is. i have fed her only canned catfood for kittens as it has more vitamins than the stuff for adult cats i also offer her kitten milk replacer every so often. i put crushed up cat vitamins on her wet food the kind with amino acids. at first it seemed like she was not getting better but there has been a noticable difference in the last 24 hours. her walking is still a little unstable but she can actually walk now where as before she could only take one step before collapsing. i would like for everyone to know that my cat had the hartz on her for atleast one week before i realised what was going on so even though i didnt catch it right away she seems to be getting much better and my vet did say that every once in awhile a cat will recover but usually only when the owner catches it within the first few hours. and if they do it could take up to 4 weeks to get better. so anyone out there who is in these horrible shoes right now dont give up it could get better just give it time and give your kitty some tlc and wait it out maybe you and your cat will get lucky. also if you do wash your cat be sure you do it 3 times with dawn and if you can get your cat to eat some charcoal tabs that will help absorb it from the gut. i couldnt get mine to take it but she would eat the clay litter every time she was in the litterbox. im not sure but it seemed like she knew it would help her. good luck to you all. i did return my hartz to petsmart and they are investigating it to see if they can take it off their shelves.

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