My kitty Tommy died after Hartz Flea and Tick drops

I still don’t have the heart to put away his food and water bowl, his little bed or kitty litter 🙁
It actually started with me putting some Hartz flea and tick drops on Tommy, my 8 year old kitty. Whatever you do, don’t use it on your kitties! I used it on Tommy after I found a couple of fleas on him. Tommy had stayed with a friend and picked up some fleas from his other cats. I used Hartz because I couldn’t get Frontline from the vet, they were closed. He started acting strange, running around and stuff. I searched the web to see if there was some kind of reaction I should know about and found this site. I quickly washed him to get the stuff off. Then he seemed ok, but something seemed to bother him. About a week later he started vomiting for a whole day. He was walking like he was drunk and was really weak. Then he started getting better, he didn’t want to eat, but I hand fed him baby food. I took him to a Japanese Vet (I’s stationed in Japan), it was during New Years, the vet on base was closed. They took blood, and everything seemed normal. They gave him some shots, vitamins, antibiotics, and something to settle the stomach. He was doing good the following week and then on the 10th he started vomiting again. He did it all day and that night he was really quiet on my lap. I noticed he was sweating, he was drooling, his eyes were dilated and his whole body was rigid. I called the emergency vet at 3 in the morning, I took him in and they gave him and IV, more shots. THey figured he had been poisoned. The blood tests showed nothing was wrong! I mentioned to the vet that I had used Hartz, she said if it was the cause, it would happened right away, not 3 weeks later. The next morning I went to see him, he looked much better, standing on his own and he recognized me and meowed. That evening I went to see him again and that’s when he had a seizure. I got really scared. They gave him valium and I kissed him goodnight. The next morning I went to see him and he looked ok, I wanted to take him home, but they talked me into leaving him there so they could get more fluids in him. No one thought he would die. By noon he was gone. They gave me a clay imprint of his paws with his name on it. They never really knew what caused it, but I know, it was the flea drops. My kitty was so intelligent, beautiful, affectionate and vocal, he always talked to me. I miss him so much…

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