my cat is struggling every day from hartz poisoning

hi my name is Tiffany and i live in missouri. i have 3 cats and 2 dogs all of which recently got fleas. i was between paychecks and couldnt afford advantage so i went to petsmart and got them all some hartz flea drops and applied it to all of my animals. all were fine but my exotic shorthair started to have trouble walking within 24 hours. i had no idea what was wrong. i assumed because she was so small that the fleas had weakened her. so after another day i called the vet and they said it probably would work itself out with some rest and some extra vitamins. i negected to tell them about the hartz. i had no idea it was so dangerous. finally it got bad enough that i could tell the vitamins werent working. i had been kepping her in a hospital cage with a warm pad under her and her food inside. i would take her out 3 times a day and watch her try to climb into the litterbox. so i called the vet back and they then found out about the hartz i had put on her and the whole tone of the conversation changed. they informed me that my cat was becoming paralised from the hartz and the only thing i could do at this point was wash her very well with dawn and hope it would get better. i did that and then i got on the internet and found this site. i am so angry that this product is available to us. my cat is still alive and eating well but can barely stand for a second without falling over it is so sad she was perfectly healthy before this. i am thamnkful my other animals were lucky enough to not be poisoned but still every day i watch my somara slip further away. i refuse to put her down yet. i have heard some info that it could take up to 4 weeks for her to recover if she does at all so for now i will wait and see. i did call hartz and was told there is no way that the product would have done this to my cat. but my vet dissagrees. they also deny any lawsuits against the company. i do plan to go to petsmart today and demand a total refund of the products i bought. i hope and pray that my poor little kitty has the strength to overcome this. i have faith that she will.

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  1. I bought the breakaway hartz collars for my 2 kittens. The collars breakaway did not work as my cat got it caught in his mouth along with his paws. I had no idea that these products can harm aminals, until I research it and foudn videos after videos on these poor animals. I did contact hartz, and will not stop there. As I watch my little tigger who was perfectly normal before this is really ticks me off. the vet told me about the collars I just cannot believe that they are being sold.

  2. After all that I have read, I cannot believe that Hartz Ultraguard Plus is still on the shelves. We purchased it at Walmart on Feb 25th 2013. We have two Siamese…brother and sister (3 yrs old) When we applied Hartz Ultraguard Plus, they both began acting very strange…slinking low and darting from place to place. The male, twice the size of the female, crawled up on my lap and under my neck and remained there. I began to feel his muscles trembling and I realized that he was exhibiting neurological anomalies consistent with episodic seizures. The female also sought comfort. We washed them off with soap and water and spent the entire night keeping them comforted and engaged. The next few days were distressing for us, but they continue to exhibit signs of improvement.
    This product needs to be recalled and all of the news media needs to be notified so that we never have to see our beloved pets suffer again.

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