Our Response From Hartz

A few months ago, we had our very own Hartz Horror Story with Apolo, our kitten. I sent a letter to Hartz detailing our experience. A few days after that I saw a news story and found this website.

Hartz requested I send them all of our information including the vet’s diagnosis, an itemized bill, and any unused portion of the Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops we had. I sent all the information via UPS so that I could track it.

Once I saw the package had arrived, I waited one week and then emailed my contact at Hartz. I was able to state in my email the exact time the package had arrived, as well as the name of the person who had signed for it. I received a return email saying my case was still under investigation.

Fast forward to today, when we received the following letter from Hartz Mountain Corp.:

“Dear ________,

We are deeply sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience that took place with your kitten, Apolo. We understand how people become extremely concerned when their pets experience problems of any nature.

Advanced Care Once a Month Flea & Tick Drops For Cats is approved by the EPA and has undergone multiple safety and efficacy studies. The EPA will only grant registration to products that are able to satisfy their strict safety guidelines.

Hartz understands the relationship that develops between a family and their pet. We are truly sorry about Apolo’s unpleasant experience with Advanced Care Once a Month Flea & Tick Drops For Cats. As a gesture of goodwill, we are enclosing our check to reimburse you for your veterinary expenses and for the remaining product.

We are constantly improving and updating our product line, and your comments are important to us. The suggestions of concerned and caring pet owners are taken into account during product review.

We hope that we have been of assistance and that we can be of continuing service.”

Included was a check for the full amount of our veterinary bill and the unused drops I had returned.

This in no way makes up for what we went through, or what other people have endured. It also does nothing to change my opinions of the company and their products. I am grateful that we had a positive resolution, but I know that had we lost Apolo, no amount of money in the world would have made it better. I intend to continue being an advocate for animals everywhere, and sharing my Hartz story at every opportunity.

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