My Poor Freak

I have a very small kitten whom I have cared for since he was 4 weeks old. His mother pushed him aside, along with three of his littermates because they were sick. These poor kittens had contracted a virus. Two of them unfortunately didn’t make it and the lone survivor was named Freak. It took Freak a long time to begin to get healthy again. Now that he’s healthy, I decided it was time treat him for his fleas. I purchased the Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops. Within hours of applying them, Freak began to have tremors. I have washed him with soap and lots of water, and I am getting ready to wash him again. He seems to be improving, but I do not know what else to do for him. I live in a small town, it is Saturday night, and there is no vet until Monday morning. So here I sit with my fingers crossed, searching for some answers and getting angrier at a company I had trusted for years. I will never again use a Hartz product on any of my animals. I also used the drops on my three dogs, and now i’m terrifed they will get sick too. Wish my poor little Freak the best.

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