our cats (3) were mistakenly poisoned today because the plastic vials of flea medication looked exactly like other tubes that we have used in the past just for cats & kittens (which instead were for our huge dogs). There was no labelling on the products to indicate that it was lethal or deadly or any sort of indication to NOT use on anything other than dogs. All three cats are now on IVs and anti-seizure medication at the emergency vet clinic. These vials were made by BioSpot which I believe is made by Hartz … other vials of flea medication for myST. Bernards is in large tubes (duh) and the labels are easily read (frontline) …however, these three small tubes were virtually illegible as to any labels but with a magnifying glass, we could read (after the fact) that it was for dogs 60 lbs and over, etc. …. still nothing said about cats. However, we immediately began cleaning and tryign to remove this product from the cats’ coats; all to no avail, within 5-7 hours, they all began exhibiting symptoms of toxicity. Is there any kind of suit that can be brought against Hartz for this negligent labelling that causes such accidents to occur?

any help you can give us woudl be greatly appreciated. so far, after 10 hours of the occurrence, they are hanging on for their life, but just barely. please let me know if there is any help or advice from others.

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