My 1996 experience

In 1996, I adopted my then 4 yr. old Buddy, Himalayan cat from our local shelter. He got the BEST of care always, but then I lost my job and was desperate to find a cheaper alternative for his flea problem. I truly was broke then, so I thought the Hartz would work just fine, as I had been using Advantage from my vet for some months prior. I put ONE drop one the back of his neck, and then four hours later Buddy was walking sideways, howling, drooling profusely, and seemed to be having small seizures! Broke as I was, I took him into my vet at 7am, and the vet took him and the Hartz product. Buddy was on IV’s for 2 days, and it was expected that Buddy would not be able to recover – potential nerve damage, was the vet’s prognosis. It took about 1 week for Buddy to be healthy, and he still is to this day. For all these years, I have blamed MYSELF, for being broke, for not being able to provide good care for my pet, for maybe poisoning him because perhaps I was somehow “stupid”. Tonite I find your website, and am brought to tears, and great anger, in the knowledge that I did nothing wrong – that Hartz has a problem, and they have obviously done nothing for several years!! I can finally forgive myself, and I feel a kinship with all those whose stories I have read tonite…thank you for sharing, and bless all who have lost a pet because of this SLAUGHTERHOUSE of a company. I will not buy so much as a rubber ball from Hartz for as long as I live!! I had no idea that this was a nationwide problem-still, after all these years. Deedra, Oregon

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