Hartz getting mad?

It looks like the Hartz Mountain Corp. has been buying up anti-Hartz domain names: HARTZKILLS.COM, HARTZ-VICTIMS.COM, HARTZKILLSPETS.COM, HARTZVICTIM.COM, HARTZVICTIMS.COM

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Autoresponse from Hartz

Anna sent me this auto response from Hartz:

Case #: 40983

400 PLAZA DRIVE, SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY 07094-3688. 201 /271-4800

November 18, 2003

Re: The Hartz Mountain Corporation Sets Record Straight On Inaccuracies

Dear Valued Customer,

In light of several inaccurate media reports regarding our Advanced Care topical insecticide product line, I’m writing to reassure you of the effectiveness and quality of all our flea and tick prevention products.

Hartz has been the leading provider of flea and tick treatments in the United States for nearly 30 years. During that time, Hartz has sold close to 1 billion flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. In 2000, Hartz introduced Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops for Cats. The cat formulation was the first and only flea and tick adulticide product available in the over-the-counter market. It combines an adulticide (phenothrin) with an insect growth
regulator ((S)-methoprene) to offer the broadest spectrum of protection of any flea and tick treatment available today.

In rare instances, any flea and tick product, whether sold over-the-counter or through veterinarians, may cause an adverse reaction in extremely sensitive cats. Just as some humans can have severe reactions to vital medicines, some cats can have a negative reaction to product that is designed to protect them. Hartz takes every reported incident very seriously and initiates a thorough investigation in cooperation with the pet owner.

All manufacturers of flea and tick products are required to notify the EPA every time a consumer raises a concern about a registered product. Hartz must make this notification even if subsequent investigation reveals that the consumer used another manufacturer’s product, the consumer misapplied the product contrary to label directions, or the consumer cannot confirm what product was used. Approximately 90% of the cases that Hartz reports to the EPA fall into one of those categories. In addition, many of the incidents reported to the EPA involve relatively minor symptoms such as excess salivation, temporary hair loss, or minor skin irritation at the application site.

To date, Hartz has sold approximately 90 million Advanced Care flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. Over a four-year period, the reaction rate for Hartz Advanced Care for Cats has been 0.0004 (one reaction per 25,000 treatments). A review of adverse reaction rates of other flea and tick products clearly demonstrates that the reaction rate for Advanced Care is among the lowest in the industry. For example, a leading brand for dogs and cats distributed through veterinarians has an average of 50 reactions per 25,000 treatments, and another well-known brand has an average of 500 reactions per 25,000 treatments. These reaction rates are available through public documents.

There are risks in using any insecticide, and they are clearly marked on the package. However, important treatments for humans, such as aspirin and penicillin, also carry risks. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases, one in ten people have an allergic reaction to penicillin, and on average 400 people in the United States die every year from allergic reactions to penicillin. The Mayo Clinic reports that one in 500 people have an allergic reaction to aspirin.

All our flea and tick products undergo rigorous domestic animal safety and efficacy testing by the Environmental Protection Agency before they are made available to pet owners. Unfortunately, certain news organizations have aired stories that misrepresent the facts and have unnecessarily alarmed their viewers. We want all pet owners to know that they can continue to rely on Advanced Care products for unsurpassed protection, providing their animals are in good health and follow the directions carefully. These products protect pets and their owners from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes which carry such diseases as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis and serious skin irritations.

Hartz works constantly with the EPA to find ways to improve its products. In November 2002, Hartz and the EPA agreed to re-label its Advanced Care products for cats. The new packages included an improved application procedure and a more detailed precautionary statement. The consumer response to the new packaging has been excellent and we are pleased to report that these improvements have made a good product even better.

As good product stewards, Hartz continues to work closely with the EPA on all its registered products. Contrary to news reports, Advanced Care’s adverse events are being monitored like all registered topical products, and the EPA has never required Hartz to recall its Advanced Care products or change the formulation. If you have any questions regarding our Advanced Care line, please do not hesitate to contact your sales or customer service representative.

Thank you for your continued support. We value our relationship highly and look forward to providing you with the highest quality products going forward.

Very truly yours,

Robert Devine
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hartz Mountain Corp.
Consumer Relations Dept.
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094
(20l) 271-4800

Steve from CBS

Steve is a reporter from CBS. If anyone is in the New York City area, give him a call!

I would like to contact a pet owner in the NYC area who has been effected by Hartz product. I am working on a tight deadline. We are trying to turn a story for tonights’ 11 pm news.



Hartz accepts no responsibility

After four of our cats have been horrifyingly sickened and/or died from Hartz topical flea/tick control, I notified Hartz Mountain Corporation. As you may have guess, Hartz is unwilling to accept any responsibility. Admitting guilt will obviously open many legal avenues for pet owners who have lost a loved one to this toxic product. I urge all who have experienced a loss due to any Hartz product to contact the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, there are many cases being reviewed. Hopefully, if enough people report, chances are good that the product will either be taken off the market or the formula will be changed.

Hartz May Have Killed Our Cat

About two months ago my wife and I treated our three cats and two dogs with the Hartz flea product. During the next few days we noticed the oldest of the three cats was acting strange, falling over etc; Within a week she became very sick and within the next week she died. We did not know at that time that anyone had problems with this product and did not put the two together until just the other day when we heard about the product on the news. We have used similar flea products for years but that was the first time ever to buy one over the counter at the store.We are also having problems out of the oldest of our two dogs he acts as if he has had a stroke.

My wife has been very upset to say the least over losing a member of the family as our pets are.
The product should be pulled from shelves. If I could prove this was the cause someone would pay!

Concerned Pet Owners,

Shane and Ka-Lee Sloan

3 year old Malinois and Pups/died 9/24/03

9/23/03 my Malinois Razzy was within 8 days of whelping her 1st litter of pups. The fleas are bad in Florida,especially this time of year and she was having fits from them. In my infinite ignorance I applied Hartz Advanced care but for dogs less then her weight 10 days earlier. I have used this product often with no side effects on her in the past. On the 23rd she became lethargic, vomited both meals for the past 24 hours and was shaky on her feet,laying down in the house,,which was oput of character for her ! Matt…Tampa,FL

Tulku Got The Bad Shakes!!!

Hello…my name is Tulku, I am a classic tabby, who lives in a mountain resort area in Southern California area. My parents wanted to protect me from fleas and ticks. So, they bought some Hartz over the counter flea and tick drops. Just a few hours after they applied the stinky stuff on my neck, I started to feel ill. I was experiencing the shakes, and vomiting everywhere around the house. My mommy and daddy were very scared. They suspected it was the flea stuff on my neck. My mother vigorously bathed me while my daddy supplied the dry towels. I was very good during this process…I did not pull away as I usually do when my mommy bathes me. By the next day, I was feeling much better. My mother returned the remaining flea and tick drops, and demanded her money back. She bought me a traditional flea and tick collar. I am doing o.k., but that sure was a scary evening for me and my family. meow!

Not Sure If This Was Hartz

I don’t know what killed my kitten, but I know that she died a horrible death brought on by seizures and that her liver in the end, failed her.

What I do know is that I bought her from a no kill shelter. She had fleas when we got her, and they had been giving her flea medication that I believe was Hartz. She was ok for awhile but she started being sluggish, never grew, and then she started having seizures. She went completely insane and then she died.

I live in a small mountain town. The vet had no idea what made her sick but knew that she was dying. She didn’t die immediately after we got her from the vet, so I know that the medicine did not kill her instantly but what about long term effects?
Could it have been possible that this pesticide harmed her enough to eventually kill her?My husband was unemployed so we didn’t have the money to get extensive tests done or an autopsy done on her.

But if it could have been Hartz that the shelter was using that killed her, there is nothing in this world that will stop me from closing down that shelter and that company.

A life threatening reaction to Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus +

Our cat, Piccolo, is in the hospital right now and may not survive a reaction to the flea and tick drops from Hartz Mountain Corporation. We just saw a broadcast on CBS 2 News last night regarding this product and wished that we had seen it before purchasing their products. Now we are incurring enormous vet bills, which I am trying to get Hartz Mountain Corp to be responsible for and urging them to take this harmful item off the shelves. I’ve contacted Rite-Aid Store, where we purchased this product here in California to let them know and am sending transcript of the news broadcast from last night, as well as to my lawyer. The vet has faxed copies of work being done to Hartz and what is most important is that the cat lives and we prevent more animals from further harm. It is a strong product and can also be harmful to humans as well, because my son is sick now after breathing in the odor of this and trying to help his cat while the cat was throwing up. The product has a very strong smell and when the cat got on my bed it caused my throat to become irritated, so I know that is not a safe product for any living thing. I need support and other people to join me in keeping up the contact with Hartz at phone no #1-800 275 1414 and talk to Rosemary Tini. She is the person that I’ve gotten a ref # from and says that she is looking into the seriousness of this, as well as if this should be discontinued. I need others to pursue this case.

Sick Kitty

I have an old kitty that was suffering from fleas this summer. I gave him the Hartz product about 3 weeks ago. He has gotten sicker and sicker, and now isn’t eating much and has no energy. I’ve been chalking it up to old age, but I just saw the news special last night on the Hartz problem and I’m worried that I might have made him sicker. He’s not having convulsions but he is listless and won’t eat other than a few bites at a time. Any suggestions?