I was shocked Part 2

I felt obligated to follow up on my recent story I submitted to Hartzvictims. I was the woman who submitted the story about my cat opee, who was sick from the Hartz flea and tick drops. I wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely happy to inform you that my sweet opee made it. Well he was real sleepy yesterday and not active at all, but today he is back to his normal self. I haven’t noticed any permenant damage as of yet. I want to say though, I was lucky. Normally I would have been already long a bed and sleeping that night, but I had a horrible headache. If I had went to bed as normal, my cat would of surely died. I just hope my story helps someone else from going through what I have. If you love your pet as I do, you would never want this to happen to it. It was the saddest thing I ever saw. Watching my poor animal go through that, and feeling so helpless. So please if you read this, don’t ever use that product on your pet. I know for a fact that there will never ever be another Hartz product brought into my home. My kitty is now laying on my lap, as where if I hadn’t caught it soon enough, he would not be here today.

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