I was shocked

I am telling my story because i was just so shocked to see all the other pet owners who have went through the same thing. I got on the web to find out more infomation on the ingredient in my flea and tick drops called phenothrin. My mainecoon cat had a severe reaction to this product. He started twitching and acting like he was drunk. It broke my heart to see him this way. I called my vet right away and she said to bath him and get that Hartz flea and tick drops off of him. Well I am the mother of 4, so vet bills are impossible for me. That is why I bought this product to begin with. Now my Opee is sick and I feel helpless. He has had a seizer already and is now calming down some, but I am still not sure he will make it. I got on the web to find some answers for people like me that cannot afford vet bills. I was amazed on all the stories about this product. Now I only wish i would have checked it out before I gave it to my sweet cat Opee. I only hope I can save him from my mistake. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. That is the reason I felt I had to tell my story. The strange thing to me is that if this is so dangerous why is it even on the market????? I read the product information and I never saw anything about seizers and severe twitching. I saw the ingredients, but I am not scientist nor doctor, how would have I known that phenothrin was so toxic?

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