Re: Piccolo

We are the owners of Piccolo. I brought him home after paying almost $700.00 for them to put him on an IV and take blood tests and charge so much to find out that I would have had to keep paying more and continue to traumatize him. He did start eating again, at least, but no definite answer as to what caused this, except that they admit that Hartz is a harmful product and they believe that it poisoned him and that he had toxins in his system. A few days later, we tried to take off the catheter and was it a difficult time trying to get the tape off that held it on. Finally, the cat took it off himself, when we had given up trying so hard. That was quite a surprise. He is such a loving and intelligent cat. They left the catheter in for me to take him home and if he got worse that I would have to take him to emergency and then they would put on the IV to attach to the catheter. We never left him alone before anywhere, but we did this time and I think it made him nervous and feel that we abandoned him. Anyway, he can’t keep food in him and throws up a few hours after eating. He wants to be close to us, but we are at wits end with this. I’ve contacted Hartz and talked to Rosemary Tini, so if any of you would call her, too, and tell what has happened to your pet. (Please see first story of ours). My vet has faxed them the bills and diagnostic report. So, you must make sure that you call them right away if you know that your animal has been affected by this Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus +. Please do this right away, as they will have to recall this product or will have many lawsuits on their hands. Let’s band together.

Mona and Nick from El Segundo, Ca.

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