Tulku Got The Bad Shakes!!!

Hello…my name is Tulku, I am a classic tabby, who lives in a mountain resort area in Southern California area. My parents wanted to protect me from fleas and ticks. So, they bought some Hartz over the counter flea and tick drops. Just a few hours after they applied the stinky stuff on my neck, I started to feel ill. I was experiencing the shakes, and vomiting everywhere around the house. My mommy and daddy were very scared. They suspected it was the flea stuff on my neck. My mother vigorously bathed me while my daddy supplied the dry towels. I was very good during this process…I did not pull away as I usually do when my mommy bathes me. By the next day, I was feeling much better. My mother returned the remaining flea and tick drops, and demanded her money back. She bought me a traditional flea and tick collar. I am doing o.k., but that sure was a scary evening for me and my family. meow!

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