Hartz May Have Killed Our Cat

About two months ago my wife and I treated our three cats and two dogs with the Hartz flea product. During the next few days we noticed the oldest of the three cats was acting strange, falling over etc; Within a week she became very sick and within the next week she died. We did not know at that time that anyone had problems with this product and did not put the two together until just the other day when we heard about the product on the news. We have used similar flea products for years but that was the first time ever to buy one over the counter at the store.We are also having problems out of the oldest of our two dogs he acts as if he has had a stroke.

My wife has been very upset to say the least over losing a member of the family as our pets are.
The product should be pulled from shelves. If I could prove this was the cause someone would pay!

Concerned Pet Owners,

Shane and Ka-Lee Sloan

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