Not Sure If This Was Hartz

I don’t know what killed my kitten, but I know that she died a horrible death brought on by seizures and that her liver in the end, failed her.

What I do know is that I bought her from a no kill shelter. She had fleas when we got her, and they had been giving her flea medication that I believe was Hartz. She was ok for awhile but she started being sluggish, never grew, and then she started having seizures. She went completely insane and then she died.

I live in a small mountain town. The vet had no idea what made her sick but knew that she was dying. She didn’t die immediately after we got her from the vet, so I know that the medicine did not kill her instantly but what about long term effects?
Could it have been possible that this pesticide harmed her enough to eventually kill her?My husband was unemployed so we didn’t have the money to get extensive tests done or an autopsy done on her.

But if it could have been Hartz that the shelter was using that killed her, there is nothing in this world that will stop me from closing down that shelter and that company.

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