My friend’s persian


I was in contact with a friend in the States, for some time as I was thinking about breeding persians.

It was 2 years ago now, but my friend, Sarah lost a persian cat from using this poisonous product. She didn’t go into much detail, as she was too upset at the time, and because she lived quite a way from her vets she didn’t get there in time to save her cat unfortunately.

It angers me beyond words that this product is still being alowed to be sold in the shops.
Why on earth is it not in our vets power to stop this cat killer product from being sold!!

I’m just venturing out on breeding and showing exotic shorthaired. I’m gonna have my own website, and it would be more than my pleasure to put up a banner on my web page warning people not to use Hartz’s products and to warn them of the dangers.

I receive emails from cat discussion, and seeing the name Hartz reminded me of Sarah and the sad loss of her Persian.

Anyway, if I can help in anyway don’t hesitate to email me, and hopefully with all of us united on this we can get this cat killing product banned for good!!

Yours sincerly


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