It’s 2003 and Hartz is still killing cats!!!

On Oct 18, 2003 I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my cats. I purchased this product because Hartz is a well known and I thought respected company. One of my cats had a severe reaction to the drops (running around, butting it’s head against walls, ripping out fur). I took him to the emergency vet and they informed me this product can cause seizures or even death. I was shocked. There was NOTHING on the label to indicate such extreme side effects would occur. The vet also said most of the time the cat would die withing hours. Luckily my cat did not die but he’s still not right. I AM SO OUTRAGED THAT HARTZ IS STILL SELLING THIS STUFF!!! I can’t beleive people have been having this problem since 2000. It’s wrong. Why haven’t thay been sued???

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