Another Victim of Hartz

After finding this site I immediately responded to Liz Ayer request for testimonials for her TV news story (look under “old articles-Friday Sept 26” on this homepage). As of today, Oct 21st, she is still looking for people to speak to her personally about their experience. Call her at 315-477-4691.

Here is my story:
Our beautiful, healthy cat Boo fell ill after 2 hours of receiving the Hartz flea and tick drops. She was moaning in pain. We called the vet and the ASPCA emergency poison control line who said to bathe her immediately with mild soap and water, monitored her closely for seizures, and luckily within 4 hours she appeared normal and happy again. 2 days later she still seems fine. It was a close call and I know we were very lucky. But I am still shaking with fury.
An interesting note: the ASPCA poison guy said Hartz is so aware of the problem that if we had needed to take her to the emergency room, Hartz would foot the bill provided we sign a waiver stating we won’t sue them. And the ASPCA automatically waived the $45 emergency phone charge because it was a Hartz-related issue. He said he gets these calls all day, every day, each one is reported back to Hartz. Nothing is done. It is so tragic.

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