Wildey Is In Heaven

I applied the Hartz Flea Drops on my cat Wildey as directed on the package. I did it in the morning about an hour later I noticed he was blinking and acted like he didnt know me. He started to seizure. I dropped everything and ran him to the vets office. The doctor took him right away. He came out and told me it was from Hartz he was having alot of animals brought in that day from the same thing. Some had passed away that day. The vet said he even tried to get them to take it off the shelves. Well Wildey was critical and the vet said things didnt look good. He kept my baby over night. I called constantly to check on his progress. Crying to them please help him get better. That morning I called when I awoke. He said my cat would be okay and I could pick him up. I brought Wildey home. He was taking seizures on me all the time. One month later he passed away. I called Hartz and threatened them to take Hartz off the shelves or suffer the consequences! They have not removed it from the shelves yet I see. They never reinbursed me for the vet bills or contacted me. I was not in it for the money because it didnt replace my cat I just want this product destroyed because animals do not deserve to suffer from there trash products. I warn everyone I can about them hateful people. Bless Wildey who is in Heaven resting now.

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