Hartz Flea medication and a trip to the emergency vet.

Hello everyone. I am writing about hartz flea medication and how I believe it may have caused my cat Fred to become very ill. Fred is a healthy 2 year old cat. He has no past medical history and is up to date on his shots. My fiance and I applied the Hartz avanced care flea and tick drops plus. We had no idea that our night would become this scary. After reading the box for application directions, we applied the product to Fred and our 6 month old kitten Frank. Later that evening, my fiance woke me up telling me that there was something seriously wrong with Fred. She said that she heard a thump and awoke to find Fred in what appeared to be a seizure. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably and we originally thought something may have fallen on top of him and frightened him. We looked around to find everything in it’s place. Fred was still having horrible muscle tremors and when we looked in the litter, we found he had very bad diarrhea 5 or 6 times which he did not cover up. We thought that was very odd because Fred is very neat with his litterbox. With Fred still shaking uncontrollably, we immediately contacted the emergency vet. Before we had finished with our explanation of what was going on, he asked us if we had used Hartz Flea products. It was like he knew exactly what was happening. The vet told me that he has had several of the same complaints from the use of the Hartz product and to bring the cat in right away. He told me ( in his opinion) That that product is horrible and should be taken off the market. He also explained that it was not so much an allergic reaction but more of a chemical reaction as cats have a difficult time metabolizing the medication. He even told me that he has seen reactions in dogs although it was not as frequent. The vet stated that he would do what he could to help Fred. He said that he could only hope to flush out the chemicals with IV fluids and give Fred Valium to stop the tremors so his body temperature would not rise to a dangerous level. He did say that he thought that Fred would be ok because has had seen cases that were much worse and unreversable. Now to the bill. I do not like to say that money is a factor in an emergency like this, but we were not expecting the cost to be so steep. The vet explained the procedure to us and said that it would be approxamately $400.00 to keep Fred over for one night for treatment and observation. Fred needed the treatment so we went through with it. The vet and the LPN at the treatment center both told us that they have seen this problem so many times and that they believe Hartz will reimburse us for the bill. He did say that he thought Fred would be fine because he had seen many worse cases with positive outcomes. He told us that in the future we should consider using Frontline Plus flea and tick control which is much safer. I just wanted to make everyone aware of the possibilities that can occur when using Hartz. I read a great article on line about a similar situation. If interested, go to www.google.com which is a search engine. Search for “who killed Zoe” and read the article. You might be surprised with what you’ll read. Thank you for your time and good luck with your pets in the future.
Scott &Nancy.

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