Geting the word out

I just wanted to let everyone know that I volenteer for a no-kill shelter in my area. I spoke with another volenteer today who has been there for at least 9 years & she was unaware of the problems with these products. So I told her I would bring in information & told her about the petition & that I would bring in a copy of that & the website it could be found at. I consider myself extreemly lucky that my two babys have thus far not had any reaction to the drops I put on them unaware of how dangerous they were. It’s been a week & 1/2 now. As soon as I found out I gave both my cats baths just to be sure any residue was gone. I’m going to make sure that other volenteers at the shelter are aware of these dangers. I’m thankful I got this information before anything bad happend to my cats & I send my deepest sympathies to those who have lost their furbabies.

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