Although we have visited this site many times and are actively putting the word out, Mackenzie was upset because her story wasn’t here so here goes. Mackenzie is an 8 year old whose kitten was stepped on and killed in June. We went that night and got “MAXX”. That weekend I used Hartz flea and tick spray on him, and it was so horrible. The cat would not move from one sitting position for 24 hours. He would fall asleep sitting up and fall over but would get back up and just sit there. I had to work that night so I checked on the interenet for adverse reactions and came across the Hartz Victims website. Fortunately I was able to go home and wash him in dishwashing liquid and within an hour he was back to his usual self. We were extrememly lucky compared to most of the people here but that doesn’t mean that we won’t fight til the end to get Hartz products off of all shelves. Mackenzie though only 8, speaks to everyone in the pet departments of all the stores we frequent, and she has written a letter to all the newspapers and department stores and vet centers in our area.
We need everyone to help us in this fight.

Kathy (Mackenzie’s mom)

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