How my cat was hurt by hartz flea medication

I was so shocked to come across this web site. I did not have any idea how serious this problem is. About 6 months ago I applied the flea medication to my cat, Jerry. The next morning I saw Jerry on the couch shivering like he was cold. When I looked closer I discovered he was having sezures. His little tounge hung out and his whole body shook. It was Sunday and I couldnt get ahold of the vet. I also tried to call the number on the medication package. I got a recorded message saying something to the effect of.. If your animal has developed a reaction call the vet. I was so scared! I thought for sure he would die before I could get him help. I put him on my bed and covered him up. I just laid with him all day. He never stoped shaking. Later that afternoon he stood up and threw up(alot) when he lay back down he wasnt shaking as bad. The next morning he was better. I was so glad he was better I didnt ever call the hartz number agian. I figured it was an isolated incedent. After reading the storys on this site about animals getting sick and dying I am horrified. My Jerry had a gardian Angel looking after him that day. If he would have died I would have been devastated. I can not belive this product is being sold. Something has to be done.

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