I Am Doing Everything I Can To Stop Hartz!

I posted my story in Sept 2003 about how my precious Mo Bebe (cat) was hurt by Hartz drops.

I am thankful today he is still with me. I want to express my sincerest heartfelt wishes to those of you who have lost your pets.

I am telling everyone I know about this terrible problem, they have all been shocked by it.

I am also contacting local news stations, papers, and even sending in my story and a link to this site to TV Talk shows. I recently contacted the new Sharon Osbourne Show. She is an animal lover, so I am sure she would be interested in this. I urge all of you to contact the news stations and papers in your area. And email talk shows like the Sharon Osbourne Show


We HAVE TO do all we can to stop this!!!!
If we all TAKE ACTION locally, then maybe we can STOP THEM GLOBALLY!!!


Kelly Lenhart

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