Why is Hartz still on the market?

We had a cat tonight that seemed to be doing great and eveything was fine until we decided to put flea medication on him….minutes after putting the meds on him we thought that something may be wrong..a week into it we thought that maybe our cat had a cold..we let it go one more week and he seemed to be doing great compared to what he was..he then started to tremor tonight and could not stop it looked as though his eye had blown up because it was so blood red..he started to drool and could not breathe we then logged on to the internet to see what may be the problem..we found this site and it all clicked in..our cat seemed as though he was drunk he couldnt catch his balance and seemed very confused…we called the spca and we had to have him put down..So i ask my question again what is this crap still doing on the market?…and not to mention the only reason we bought it was because we thought that it was the good stuff we had heard plenty of good things about it…if anyone has any ideas of what can be done please e mail me at (sorry the name is not a little more serious but..) [email protected]….please if anyone knows of something that can be done to stop these animal murderers which i feel they are than e mail!!!!

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